“Ohio’s Public Ivy”

If you’ve been in or around central Ohio recently, you’ve probably seen the signs or heard the radio spots.  They tout Miami University, in Oxford, Ohio, as “Ohio’s Public Ivy.”

IMG_4198I think Miami is a fine school.  Although I am a proud graduate of The Ohio State University, many of my high school friends went to Miami, as did my cousin and a number of my current and former co-workers.  Tucked in the southwest corner of the state, it’s a well-regarded school that has many satisfied and loyal graduates.

But . . . “Ohio’s Public Ivy”?  It’s kind of a strange slogan, isn’t it?  I suppose “Ivy League” schools are associated with academic excellence, and that’s what Miami’s campaign is trying to invoke.  But “Ivy League” schools also suggest privilege, and arrogance, and snobbery, and other qualities that don’t really fit all that well with a heartland state like Ohio.

And, let’s face it — “Ohio’s Public Ivy” has a bit of a desperate wannabe element to it.  Miami isn’t an Ivy League school, and won’t be, so why is it trying to trade on an Ivy League rep?  Why not just stand on your own, and be proud of where you are and what you are?

That’s why I like “The Ohio State University.”  I know the “The” drives some people crazy, but I think it sends a message about the school and its pride about what it is.  It’s not trying to be anything else.

Patent Leather On The Fencepost

IMG_4232On our walk this morning, Kasey and I saw a pair of young girl’s dress shoes on the fence running around the Yantis Loop.  They’ve been there for a few days now and were dappled with dew in the early morning air.

It reminded me of my sister Margaret, who was a free spirit and independent thinker as a youth.  Removing her shoes to gambol in the grass is exactly the kind of thing she would do — and so was forgetting that she had done so as she enjoyed her frolic.  And when she came home, barefoot and beaming, my mother would say:  “Young lady, where are your shoes?”

To the young girl (or Mom) looking for a small pair of black patent leather shoes in New Albany:  They’re on the fence line directly across from the entrance to number 6 North.