Weiner Comes Cleaner

Hey, that Anthony Weiner sure was a busy and hard-charging fellow!  He’s now admitted that, even after he resigned from Congress in disgrace for lying about sending sex-soaked texts, he sent additional sex-related photos and texts to a woman he met on-line.

That’s exactly why Anthony Weiner would be such a great Mayor for New York City!  When he’s decided on a course of action, he’ll continue to pursue it, no matter the devastating consequences!  And, unlike some of the old fogey candidates in the race, Anthony Weiner knows all about social media.  Why, he even uses social media sites few people have heard of, like Formspring.  Who better to identify with the youth of New York City than someone so adept at delving into all of the ways that the internet can be used for meaningful interpersonal communication?

Well, his wife Huma Abedin — who’s also a politico — says she’s forgiven him for his many indiscretions and worked hard to put their marriage back together.  They’re moving forward, she says — so why shouldn’t New York City move forward with them?  C’mon, Gothamites — how can you hold anything against a guy who’s apologized multiple times for engaging in weird, self-destructive, bizarro behavior?  If he’s elected and makes the kinds of mistakes that mayors typically make, you can at least be sure that he knows how to apologize for his stupid stunts.

It is an absolute embarrassment not only for New York City, but for anyone in America, that a person like Anthony Weiner is running for mayor of a major American city.  He was actually contending in some polls before these most recent revelations.  Seriously, how can anybody even be considering voting for this guy? Doesn’t character count for anything anymore?  Wake up, NYC!

CoGo Comes To Gay Street

This summer Columbus is rolling out a new bike-sharing program called CoGo.  Yesterday I saw that one of the 30 new, solar-powered stations — which are supposed to feature 300 bicycles — has been placed on our block of Gay Street, next to the intersection of Gay and Third Street.  No bikes are there . . . yet.

IMG_1329Many of the CoGo stations are found along High Street, running as far north as Fourth Avenue.  The stations also are found at downtown landmarks like the Museum of Art, the Main Library, Goodale Park, the Arena District, and the Columbus Commons; other stations are found at Nationwide Children’s Hospital, Schiller Park in German Village, and the Brewery District.  According to the directions at the Gay Street location, you use a credit card to pay $6 for a 24 hour pass that covers all trips of less than 30 minutes duration.  You receive a five-digit security code that, when entered, releases a bike.  When you return your bike and then come back for another one during the 24-hour period, you swipe your card again and can pick up a new bike.  You also can download an app that allows you to identify where the CoGo bikes can be found at any point in time.

The history of bike-share programs in other cities has been a bit rocky, due to problems with theft, vandalism, and lack of interest.  It remains to be seen how the Columbus program fares, but it makes good sense that the program is starting small and in a centralized area.  It makes downtown seem like more of a neighborhood and ties in nicely with the growth in the downtown housing market.  I’m also glad that Gay Street is home to a station — it helps to further secure Gay Street’s rep as the coolest street in the downtown area.

Who knows?  Maybe on some casual Friday JV, the Unkempt Guy, the Bus-Riding Conservative and I might rent CoGo bikes and tool around town, looking for a new lunch spot.