It’s All Good On Peaks Island

IMG_4297The pace here on Peaks Island is slow, and therefore delightful.  A bike ride around the perimeter of the island exposes the relaxed traveler to some beautiful scenes and some whimsical ones, too.  You ride your rental bike, stand on the pedals to get up the bigger inclines, feel like a kid again in doing so, and feel the tension melt away.

This is a good place to relax.  I’ll be posting a few photos of this lovely place over the next few days, in hopes of conveying a little bit about what it feels like to be here.

Made It, Worth It

IMG_4259After a mad travel day that featured a canceled flight, rerouting to Boston, a rental car drive through the strip mall area around Logan Airport and then up the east coast to Portland, Maine, and a mad dash to try to catch the Casco Bay Lines ferry to Peaks Island, I finally met up with Russell for the ferry ride and we were greeted by Kish at the Peaks Island dock.

Sometimes travel days can suck; it’s just the world we live in.  But when your ultimate destination is a good one, with family members and a lobster dinner waiting and sunsets like this to awe you at the end of the day’s journey, it’s worth it.