Rockin’ Roll

If you come to Maine, you are obligated by custom, and possibly state law, to consume at least one lobster roll.  If you are a visitor with any taste and decency, you’ll have at least one a day until your visit ends.

IMG_4305What makes a good lobster roll?  Well, lobster, of course.  Because you’re in Maine, the lobster meat must be absolutely fresh and just plucked out of the shell, and claws, and tail.  And not little shards of lobster, either.  I’m talking large, hulking chunks of dripping sea-scented goodness.

I like a lobster roll that doesn’t go overboard on the mayonnaise, too.  Mayo is mayo.  You need a little to bind the concoction together, but no rational person is going to prefer the taste of mayo to the succulence of lobster.  Add some arugula and put it in a freshly baked slit-top bun with a very generous portion of lobster meat spilling out of the top, and voila!  You’ve got your classic lobster roll.

Here on Peaks Island you can get a lobster roll prepared in precise conformity with these specifications just about anywhere that serves food.  They rock, and I’m thinking I might have one for breakfast.

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