Lichen Old Stone Walls

IMG_4511Before we left Nova Scotia to head back to the States we got a chance to visit Chester, another of the pretty seaside communities you find all over Canada’s Maritime Provinces.  In the Chester Harbor, next to the town memorial to fallen soldiers, was a colorful, lichen-stained stone wall that looked like it had been there a hundred years.  And, now that I think of it, maybe it had.

Fishy Signage

IMG_4436One of the cooler things about Lunenburg, Nova Scotia is that the town features appropriate artwork at every intersection.

IMG_4434An artist has prepared very fine depictions of fish, clams, lobster, squid, and other denizens of the deep that hang at the crossing signs along the main road in town.

IMG_4443I don’t know a cod for the halibut, but I do know that marine life artwork definitely gives the town the feel of a seaport.  I’ve attached a few of these fishy signs for everyone to enjoy.IMG_4435

The Three Churches

IMG_4519Anyone who has been to Mahone Bay in Nova Scotia knows of the three churches.  They stand side by side at the corner of town and on the edge of the bay.  Their bells ring and echo down the inlet, letting us know the time.  And, on a wondrously calm, breathtakingly quiet morning, like today, they reflect perfectly in the still waters of the bay.