We’re No. 722,981 (Or No. 1,765,985)!

URL Metrics somehow tracks all of the websites in the world and then ranks them by number of visitors, pages read, and trends, among other measurements.  The information helps companies decide where to place their internet advertising dollars.

IMG_4561So, where does the humble Webner House blog rank, according to URL Metrics?  In a pretty humble position, actually.  URL Metrics places our blog at number 722,981 in the United States and number 1,765,985 worldwide.  In short, we’re not exactly setting the world on fire, here.

Even more embarrassing, URL Metrics somehow calculated our “value per visitor” metric (whatever that is) at $0.06, and our overall “estimated worth” at $1,378.79.  Our value to our readers therefore is less than the value of the loose change you would find behind the average American couch cushion.  Whoo-hoo!

There is some good news, however.  Our 90-day trend lines apparently are positive.  We’ve moved up 9,396,814 slots on the worldwide rank and more than 10 million slots in the crucial “daily page views rank” metric.  I think that basically means we’re kicking the butts of millions of recently abandoned websites across the globe.

Thanks to all of our patient and loyal readers for sticking with our little six-cent venture!

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