The Penny Chronicles

My name is Penny.

This is why I love the Leader.  Yesterday, she brought me a bone.  The Leader understands me.  She knows I love to chew and eat bones.  Who doesn’t?

IMG_4705The Leader knows that bones make me happy, and sleepy.  So, when the Leader brings me a bone, I know she wants me to be happy.  How can you not love someone who always does things to make you happy?  That’s what I think, anyway.

The Leader also feeds me every morning and every night.  The Leader throws a snack to Kasey and me when she leaves, and gives us a hug and a kiss when she comes home.  The Leader smells good, too — unlike the old boring guy.  Sorry about that, old boring guy!  The truth hurts, I guess!

Bones are not the only reason I love the Leader, but they show why I love her.

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