A Car Too Nice To Drive

On Saturday, a 1960s car was sold at an auction in California for $27.5 million.

You read it right.  One car, sold to one buyer, for more money than most of us could ever dream of making in our lifetimes — even if we lived to be 200.  Such are the lives and capabilities of the fabulously wealthy.

The car is a Ferrari NART Spyder.  It’s a beautiful car, with classic lines . . . but, $27.5 million?  I don’t care how much money you have, you’re not likely to do much driving with a car that costs more than the gross national product of some countries.  I’d be terrified of dings, a scratch from a little loose gravel, and the other mayhem that can befall any car on an American road.  And, if you’re not going to drive the car, why pay $27.5 million for a very expensive occupant of a spot in your garage?

Cars are meant to be driven.  I’m sure the designer of the Spyder wanted people to enjoy taking it out onto the highway and experiencing its performance, rather than treating it as a very mobile investment.

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