A Tangible Sign Of Friendship

-1As everyone who reads the Webner House blog knows, we recently spent time on Peaks Island, Maine.  I was on this beautiful island four days before Bob and Russell joined me, so I had lots of ‘alone’ time, mostly spent walking, biking, reading and eating more lobster rolls than I care to admit.

On one of my trips walking the periphery of Peaks, I found this granite bench on the far, more remote back side of the island.  I was touched to think of the friendship that inspired this gesture — a lone bench, with this simple but moving message, with a beautiful and breathtaking view out toward the Casco Bay Islands and the Atlantic beyond.  I found myself thinking of the acts of friendship and loyalty that surely inspired this gesture, and how fortunate any one individual is to have made such a dear friend, or to have been the friend who inspired this special gift.

Here’s to Ric Rhodes, whoever you were, and to your friend who remembers you in such a special way.  May we all be fortunate enough to have such friendships of our own.


4 thoughts on “A Tangible Sign Of Friendship

  1. The post is a beautifully written short blurb about the bench on Peaks Island , ME that my family and I had dedicated to my father after his sudden passing. Even though we lived in Cleveland, OH, he spent a lot of time on Peaks Island living like a local and working in Portland. I’ve also spent a lot of time on Peaks and it is a very special place to me. I wanted to reach out and thank you and your wife for sharing such a touching and thoughtful post about my father’s bench. I found the 2013 blog post on a day that I really needed to read what kwebner wrote and honestly it brought me to tears. So, thanks again for sharing the bench and the thoughts it evoked within. I’ve always wondered if anyone enjoys the bench as I don’t get to make it to the island as much as I would like to. Thank you for taking time to enjoy the view at Table Rock. I hope this finds you well and enjoy your summer.


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