Cracklin’ Latkes

IMG_4837Don’t get me wrong.  I love beef brisket sandwiches as much as the next unreconstructed meatatarian.  So when Kish and the happy jogger and I visited Dinin’ Hall today and I saw that Challah was there, I was a happy camper.

And, I was right.  The brisket sandwich (on challah bread, of course) was succulent, juicy, and by itself worth a short trip over the Franklinton area to my favorite stopping place for our Columbus food truck friends.

But what really rocked my socks was the latkes I ordered to accompany my brisket.  They were unbelievably light and crispy, like eating a bird’s nest that had that subtle, indefinable, yet  forever lip-smacking potato flavor.  Even after adding some of the sour cream-based dipping sauce, I felt like the latkes could go floating away into the humid Franklinton air — and what a crunch!

Woo-hoo!  Challah, I want to see you again!

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