First Script Ohio Of The Season

IMG_1427Well, the Buckeyes survived, and so did the thousands of Buckeye fans sitting in the sweltering confines of Ohio Stadium on a hot August day.  We got to see glimpses of a potent offense, some less than stellar play during the second and third quarters, and the first Script Ohio of the season.  All in all, a good day.

Although the Buckeyes won over a game Buffalo squad, 40-20, the team has a long way to go.  The offensive line struggled and at times the defense did, too.  It wasn’t clear whether it was jitters or blown assignments or the difficulties that you often see when players start a college game for the first time, but it’s something that the coaches we need to work on.  If ever a first game presented a coaching opportunity, this was it.

An Ohio State Jersey Is Always In Style

At today’s Ohio State-Buffalo game, Ohio Stadium will be a sea of scarlet and gray.  Countless fans will be wearing their Ohio State jerseys to add to the color and pageantry of college football.

IMG_4840People living outside Columbus may not realize, however, that an Ohio State jersey is not something that you wear only to football games.  No, it’s clearly a much more versatile garment from a fashion standpoint.

This summer Kish and I were sitting in the airport and I noticed a guy wearing an OSU jersey — and a blue blazer, too.  I’ve seen college girls wearing ultra short jerseys or tied off jerseys to achieve the bare midriff look.  On the Fridays before games, you’ll see clerks behind counters wearing their jerseys, and scarlet and gray-clad office workers coming out of their buildings for lunch.  Men and women, boys and girls, they’ll wear their jerseys with shorts, with jeans, with sleeves cut off, and over gray hoodies.  People get married in their jerseys and wear them to high school proms.  I don’t think I’ve personally seen someone wear a Buckeyes jersey with a tuxedo — but give it time.

Unfortunately, not everyone looks good in an Ohio State jersey — which is why I don’t own one.  It’s an article of clothing made for athletes in peak physical condition, after all.  It doesn’t look quite as compelling when its tensile fibers are straining to cover a serious beer belly and the too-tight fit gives the wearer an unfortunately revealing, molded look.  We’ll see some of that today, no doubt . . . but it’s just the price you pay to be an Ohio State fan.