Diamond Grille Porterhouse

photo-1When I have the pleasure of going to a fine steakhouse — and the legendary Diamond Grille in Akron certainly falls into that category — I’ve got to get the Porterhouse.  Why?  Because Porter, whoever he was, would have wanted it that way.

The Porterhouse is a serious cut of steak.  It’s got the tenderloin and the strip steak, so it’s the best of both worlds.  It’s like a T-bone, only a lot bigger.  It’s a steak that, as the photo above indicates, covers an entire dinner plate.  Bring your appetite, baby!

Tonight I had my Porterhouse medium rare, and it was fantastic.  At the Diamond Grille, the Porterhouse is not to be missed.

6 thoughts on “Diamond Grille Porterhouse

  1. We like retro, especially the Top in Columbus and the Pine Club in Dayton. Is the Diamond similar in décor and ambience to either of those?


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