A Rainy Beggars’ Night

IMG_5274It’s a windy, rainy Beggars’ Night tonight — which makes it very difficult to keep our jack o’ lanterns lit.  Although the weather isn’t ideal, we’ve had a decent number of trick or treaters this year — but out of an abundance of caution and a fear that we’re going to be stuck with gobs of leftover candy, we’ve also moved to the “take a handful” approach earlier than normal this year.

2 thoughts on “A Rainy Beggars’ Night

  1. My approach to “How many?” has been “Whatever you think is appropriate.”

    So this year guess who scarfed up the most from the bowl:

    A: 3-5 year old boys
    B: 7th grade boys
    C: Dads whose kids were too shy to ask for candy
    D: 8-9 year old girls.

    It wasn’t even close.


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