My New Walk In To Work

IMG_1591After my old parking garage was abruptly condemned by the City of Columbus, I had to find a new workday resting spot for my car — not an easy proposition when 400 or so other parkers also were unexpectedly thrust into the market for an immediately available parking space.

Thanks to a tip and the generosity of a friend, I found a reasonably priced outdoor spot near my office.  As a result, I now walk down Gay Street for two and a half blocks to get to work.  It’s a longer, but much prettier and more interesting walk than I had before, and I’m enjoying it.  There are more pedestrians, and the walk takes me past some of the nice new residential units along Gay Street.  The units are different in design and feature attractive trees, trim landscaping, and even a fountain.  Walking the same way to work, at about the same time each workday morning, makes me feel like part of the neighborhood, and I’m already starting to recognize some of the same faces that are out and about at that hour.

What used to be a trotting jaywalk across a busy thoroughfare has become a stimulating stroll that helps to get me ready for work.

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