The Penny Chronicles

My name is Penny.

When the Leader and the old boring guy are away, there’s not much to do.  I’ll check all the windows to make sure there’s nothing going on.  Then I’ll have a drink from my water bowl.  Then I will check on Kasey, but usually she is sleeping under a pile of blankets.  Kasey can sleep all day, but not me.  I am an action dog!

IMG_5523When I get bored, I will go find Little Man to help me pass the time.  Little Man is mine.  He is small and purple and soft, and he keeps me entertained.  I can bite Little Man, and no one yells at me.  I can shake my head and toss him in the air.  I have tried to pull off his legs and arms, but no luck so far.  That just means I’ll need to keep trying.

Sometimes, when I have had Little Man in my mouth for a while, he will get wet for some reason.  Then, when I put him down for a while, he will get dry.  I don’t know why!  But when he gets dry, he gets crunchy to chew.  That is when I like Little Man best of all.

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