At The Old Sledding Hill

Today is a perfect day for sledding in New Albany.

IMG_5530The temperature is in the low 20s, the sky is cloudy, and snowflakes are drifting down on the existing snow cover.  That means there will be a base of packed down snow sufficient to bear the weight of even a Flexible Flyer sled, with a dusting of new snow that will minimize friction and enhance speed.  The weather conditions mean there won’t be high temperatures or sunshine to turn the snow mushy.

People have recognized the prime conditions, and the sledding hill next to number 1 North at the New Albany Country Club already has a good crowd.  It’s a fine hill for sledding.  There’s a gentle slope, so it’s not a terrible chore to trudge back up to the top after a sled run, and there’s a nice long run out to let you really enjoy a good sled ride.

It’s nice to see that saucer sleds remain a perennial favorite for kids.  Some classics just can’t be improved upon, and the saucer sled is one of them.

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