Concepts Of Imprisonment

At Kish’s suggestion we went to the Conciergerie to view a show called Triple Tour. The show features works by modern artists all of which center around the concepts of imprisonment, and it packed a real punch.

002The show powerfully illustrated how “imprisonment” can occur in different ways — by failure to communicate, by aging and physically infirmity, by socialization, and by political systems, among others. All of the pieces were thought-provoking, and some were enormously moving. In my view, among the most potent pieces were a tunnel of video screens created by Bill Viola, all of which displayed different people, eyes closed and gagged, trying to speak; a set of extraordinarily and creepily realistic old men in wheelchairs created by Sun Yuan and Peng Yu, some of which were on autopilot and could sneak up on you, and Boris Mikhailov’s incongruously brightly colored photographs of people in Soviet Russia trying to enjoy normal lives under an oppressive regime.

It was fitting that the show be held in the Conciergerie, a building that housed some of the most notable prisoners during the French Revolution — such as Marie Antoinette.

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