Monarch Mania

048Richard and I walked through St. James Park today and then looped back toward Trafalgar Square. Unfortunately, the route took us past Buckingham Palace, and that area was a madhouse. There was no Changing of the Guards ceremony on the horizon — so what in the heck were all of the people doing clustered around, standing on every available inch of sidewalk and wall and fountain, jammed together so thickly you could walk for a mile or more by stepping on the heads of people in the crowd.

As Richard and I slowly wove our way through the mob, we heard someone say that one of the members of the royal family — Prince Harry? Prince William? — was supposed to be arriving at some point. Could all of the people have been waiting for hopes of catching a fleeting glimpse of one of these guys through a window as a limo sped by? It’s hard to believe, but maybe that’s the case.

We were glad to leave the royal riot behind.

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