Strand Scene

IMG_0211During our visit to London we stayed in the Covent Gardens area just off the Strand. It was a good location, and the Strand is a convenient avenue for getting around town. It runs from Trafalgar Square and meanders, roughly parallel to the Thames, up to the Tower of London. Of course, it being London, where roads were named centuries ago for reasons like the location of a tanning shop or a desire to use funny words like “Tooting” or “Barking,” the street isn’t called the Strand for all of that distance. It changes into Fleet Street and who knows what else, even though it’s basically the same thoroughfare.

It also presents a good example of one of the best things about London. You can be tooling along, following your map, when you turn a corner and suddenly see a view like this one of St. Paul’s Cathedral and its colossal dome.

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