The Penny Chronicles

My name is Penny.

I don’t understand the old boring guy. He’s always doing things that make no sense.

IMG_1742I know he doesn’t like snow. That’s for sure!

Everyone knows that when it snows you do two things — play in the snow, or stay inside. I like to do both. I like to play in the snow, but when it gets too cold I like to go back inside and sit with the Leader, and wait for her to give us some food. Kasey does, too.

The old boring guy doesn’t do that. When it snows, he goes outside and tries to move the snow around. He throws the snow in the air. Why? I bark at him through the window. That bugs him! But I’m trying to tell him that throwing the snow makes no sense during the winter.

He throws the snow one way, and then the other, then he comes inside. Then it starts snowing again, and he goes outside and does it all over again, day after day. What’s the point? It’s winter! But the old boring guy never learns.

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