Fourteen Below

Today the outside thermometer on my car registered 14 below zero. It’s a ridiculous temperature — so ridiculous, in fact, that prose cannot capture how ludicrous it is to try to walk several blocks to work under such conditions. Only a very bad attempt at Dr. Suess-like rhyming can suffice:

Fourteen Below

IMG_1744How low is low?
I think I know
‘Cause I’ve lived through
Fourteen below.

Your legs don’t go
Your blood won’t flow
When outside it’s
Fourteen below.

Please! No more snow!
And wind, don’t blow!
Winter sucks at
Fourteen below.

1 thought on “Fourteen Below

  1. Wear gloves. And if it’s too cold, remember that dog poop freezes and can be retrieved later with no environmental or neighborly repercussions.


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