“Each And Every”

Here’s a pet peeve for me.

Somewhere along the line, someone told know-nothing athletes, and coaches, sports announcers, and other assorted sports figures that “each and every” sounded knowledgeable and conclusive and definitive. So they say it — again, and again, and again. I’ve heard it from players, and coaches, and others who don’t have anything meaningful to say and therefore say “each and every” to fill air time.

Guess what? “Each” means the same thing as “each and every.” It’s grossly redundant. It makes you sound ignorant. Enough already!

3 thoughts on ““Each And Every”

  1. Oh WB, I feel your pain truly I do. I cringe and suffer through grammatical errors from “journalists”. Progress is leaving us behind with the dinosaur IMHO not LMAO FYI.

    One of my many pet peeves is the year pronounced as two thousand AND fourteen there is no decimal point. Mrs. Varney, my eighth grade math teacher, must be beside herself if she can hear that from the afterlife.


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