Thinking Warm Thoughts

IMG_2303_2It’s been so cold for so long I’ve begun to wonder whether there is any warmth left in the world. So, to lift my spirits, I’m consciously trying to think warm thoughts.

Yesterday, as I was walking on a frigid downtown Columbus street, leaning into a biting wind and trying to dodge icy patches and unplowed snow on the sidewalks, I thought of a place we visited in Antigua in December 2012.

I thought of the infinity pool that looked out over a bright blue bay dotted with rugged islands and sailboats. I thought of the sand between my toes at a ratty poolside bar as Kish and I savored some well-prepared pina coladas and visited with other guests. I thought of a catamaran on the beach, its colorful sail flapping in a gentle breeze, of the beautiful stretch of sand and rocks and driftwood a short walk away, and of the tables where Richard, Russell and I played cribbage and drank Caribbean beer.

And I thought of baking sand, blazing sun, oozing suntan lotion and its coconut oil smell, deep shade under a palm frond umbrella on the beach, warm salt water, and hot, sun-dappled pavement and wooden walkways.

Sure, I was still in snowbound, sub-zero Columbus, Ohio — but I felt better. IMG_2426

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