The Penny Chronicles

My name is Penny.

The old boring guy has been around too much lately. Usually he leaves and Kasey and I have the Leader all too ourselves until it is nighttime. Now, though, the old boring guy is always here. He lies on the couch, grunting and groaning.

1394793257667Kasey and I try to ignore him, but it is hard. He is on our couch! Everyone knows we get to sit there and sleep there, not the old boring guy. It makes us mad. But, the old boring guy also eats there, too, and when he’s lying down he is a messy eater. So, at least we get some scraps out of it.

And then there’s his foot. It’s wrapped in a bandage, and it smells very interesting. It’s got normal foot smells, plus sweat smells, and blood smells, and other smells, too. Kasey and I both think it’s the best the old boring guy has ever smelled! Of course, that’s not saying much.

With so many good smells there, Kasey and I like to walk up and take a big sniff of the foot. For some reason, that make the old boring guy very nervous, and he pushes us away. Ha ha! Stay on your toes, old boring guy! When you least expect it I’m going to jump up for a closer look and smell, and maybe a lick, too.

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