A Killing In Columbus

In August 1975 a 14-year-old girl, Christie Mullins, was brutally murdered in the woods behind the Graceland Shopping Center. The murder, and the trial of a man accused of the killing, became a cause celebre in Columbus. When the man was acquitted, the case went into the “unsolved” category — where it has remained for decades.

The Ohio State Lantern and two of its reporters, Jim Yavorcik and Rick Kelly, played an important role in casting light on the circumstances of the Mullins murder and raising questions about the guilt of the man accused of the killing. Our friend and former Lantern stalwart John Oller, who went on to a very successful career as a lawyer, remained interested in the Christie Mullins case, and after his retirement from the law he decided to write about it. The heart of a reporter still beats beneath the lawyerly exterior!

John’s piece, which revisits the murder, the trial, and the evidence, is entitled An All-American Murder and can be reviewed here. He continues to collect information about the case and may ultimately turn his article into a book.

3 thoughts on “A Killing In Columbus

  1. I read John Oller’s piece. Lisa Sprague needs to spill her guts. Who knows about a murder and likely who did it contributing to the misery of an entire family, allowing parents to die without closure? She’s not wrapped too tight. I think that horrible Junior person got away with two murders.


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