Right Foot Rebellion

My right foot feels confused, angered, and betrayed.

For years, it worked well with my left foot as part of a smoothly functioning team. It carried its share of the load without difficulty or complaint. It didn’t develop an embarrassing condition like hammertoes or require disruptive surgery, either.

1395095126657But now that the left foot has had its surgery and needs to take a few weeks off, the right foot unhappily discovers it’s carrying the whole freaking load. Even worse, it’s a weird, hopping load as opposed to the manageable load imposed by a normal walking gait. With every swing of the crutch or balancing bounce, the full weight of a grown man falls squarely on that 56-year-old right foot. The right foot is growing sick and tired of it.

“It’s not fair,” the right foot thinks. “I’ve done my job and done it well, and now I’ve got to work even harder while the left foot skates. Where is the fairness in that?”

The left foot feels that the right foot is just satisfying its moral obligations as an able-bodied, working member of society. The right foot feels that an enormous injustice has occurred that probably will never be fully rectified.

Will they ever be able to bridge their differences and work cooperatively together in the future?

2 thoughts on “Right Foot Rebellion

  1. The right foot needs a pedi and one of those cushioned inserts for its shoes. The right foot has been taken for granted for too long. It needs to be pampered to know its efforts are appreciated. Otherwise, it may just pack and leave and the mystery to where all those single socks go will be solved once and for all.


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