The Penny Chronicles

My name is Penny.

Kasey and I have a good understanding with The Leader. Kasey and I always want food. The Leader knows that. We go to the Leader and put our heads on her lap. Then she goes and gets food for us, every time. The old boring guy just ignores us and never gives us food until late in the day. That’s one big reason why we like the Leader best.

Kasey and I also think the Leader knows we will always hunt for food, and will leave it just within our reach. One day the Leader left a box of Milk-Bones where I could knock it down. Kasey and I tore it open and ate the whole box. It was a happy Milk-Bone frenzy that day!

When the old boring guy got home, he saw the ripped-up box and got mad. We didn’t care. Why should we care about what the old boring guy does when our bellies are full? The Leader acted mad, too — but we know it was just an act. We think she wants us to eat our fill every once in a while. The Leader always looks out for those of us in the pack.

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