Monica Lewinsky Opens Up

After maintaining her silence and dropping out of the public eye for years, Monica Lewinsky has resurfaced, penning an article about herself in Vanity Fair.  The magazine is running a teaser (no pun intended) of her article now; the full story will be available in digital editions on May 8 and on newstands next week.

The Monica Lewinsky scandal seems like a long time ago, and it was.  Get this — the former White House intern whose intimate relationship with President Clinton gave rise to more bad jokes that you can count is now 40.  She’s decided to resurface so that she can “take back my narrative and give a purpose to my past.”  I’m not sure that it’s possible for Ms. Lewinsky to “take back her narrative” under any circumstances, but in her piece she says she deeply regrets her fling with the Prez, insists it was a consensual arrangement between two adults, believes it’s time to bury the notorious blue dress, and discloses that she was humiliated and suicidal as the scandal progressed and she became a kind of punching bag for people on all parts of the political spectrum.

I don’t blame Lewinsky for her decision to talk about her past.  These days, just about everybody does it, so why should she be any different?  But the Lewinsky period was an intensely embarrassing one for everyone involved — whether you’re talking about the dissembling President who unbelievably engaged in a grossly improper relationship while in office, or the overreaching House Republicans, or the President’s overly aggressive defenders and detractors — and for the country at large.  Having lived through it, I have no desire to relive it, and therefore I’m not going to read the full Vanity Fair article.

I wish Ms. Lewinsky the best, but I’m perfectly content to let her fade into the past along with ’90s music, the dotcom bubble, and other dimly recalled vestiges of that decade.

3 thoughts on “Monica Lewinsky Opens Up

  1. She’s brave to expose herself to recycled criticism. I don’t know that I would be especially encouraged to see her as an example of tenacity in the face of humiliation. The cigar story alone would send me deep into the woods, or to the edge of a windswept island cliff, to contemplate the meaning of the universe, in solitude, for the rest of my natural born days.


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