Unsteady Thrones

I’m struggling with this new season of Games of Thrones on HBO.  I’ve missed a few episodes due to travel, now I’m trying to catch up, and as I watch the episodes I’m seeing increasing divergence from the plot line of the books.

I’m not sure why it’s happening, either.  The first few seasons of the series were generally faithful to the books.  Now we are seeing all kinds of weirdness that seems, to me at least, to be completely inconsistent with the characters.  Brienne of Tarth, who really means it when she swears a vow, is present at Joffrey’s wedding with Sansa Stark — who she has promised to retrieve from King’s Landing — and she doesn’t do anything about it?  Bran ends up at Craster’s Keep, where the rogue Men of the Night’s Watch are brutalizing Craster’s former daughter-wives, keeping Ghost in a cage, and torturing Hodor?  Littlefinger and Lady Tyrell openly confess to conspiring to poison Joffrey?

I know TV series and movies often take liberties with the books on which they are based, but I’m not liking the direction in which Game of Thrones is heading.  I’ve loved the books, and I think their plot lines are great.  I just don’t get why we’ve suddenly taken a left turn.

1 thought on “Unsteady Thrones

  1. I’m looking forward to reading your post on the most recent episode, First of His Name, since it sounds like you’re only up to episode four, Oathkeeper.

    I’m not sure if I’m board with your complaint about Brienne of Tarth. The show did bring Jaime and Brienne back early so they’d be there at the wedding (which I enjoyed, since we got some excellent Jaime/Joffrey interaction and Cersei/Brienne interaction) but they’ve specifically had Brienne pressuring Jaime about Sansa.

    With Catelyn dead, Jaime made a strong case of “what am I supposed to do?” to Brienne, and although she’s not content with Sansa staying in the capital, Brienne isn’t really coming up with an alternative.


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