Sugar Daddies And Comb-Overs

If you go to a nice restaurant in Manhattan, you’re bound to notice this common phenomenon:  an older man having dinner with a substantially younger woman.

Of course, it’s possible that it’s a father-daughter scenario, or the twosome are colleagues from work, but there usually are telltale signs that you are seeing a sugar daddy situation.  The woman is dressed to the nines and is wearing some highly noticeable jewelry.  The doddering man, on the other hand, is wearing clothes that are far too youthful for his advanced age.  And, often, he’s got a bad comb-over.

It’s always sad to see men in this situation, but the comb-over really is the icing on the embarrassment cake.  The desperate way in which the swirling strands of back and side hair cling to the scalp mirrors the desperate way the male AARPer is clinging to illusions of continuing youth and vitality.

It looks ridiculous, of course.  Somewhere in Manhattan there must be a school that teaches escorts infallible techniques to keep them from laughing out loud when they first see the elaborate dome-covering coiffures of their sugar daddies.  Their stone-faced discipline has to rival that of the Royal Guardsmen, because any crack-up would be devastating to the relationship.

With the broad societal acceptance of the shaved head look and advances in modern toupee technology, I thought I had seen the last of the comb-over.  This trip to NYC shows that the comb-over is alive, if not well, and still findable on the heads of aging lady-killers.

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