Rishi Sushi

IMG_2078We continued our tour of new downtown Columbus eateries today with a visit to Rishi Sushi for lunch.  It’s on Third Street between Long and Gay, less than a block from our building — and it’s a welcome addition to the neighborhood.

The restaurant has a pretty extensive menu with lots of interesting appetizers and entrees.  There’s sushi, of course, and from the sushi specials the waiter mentioned today it sounds like they seek out some unusual options.  Sushi doesn’t suit me for a midday meal, so I about Rishi Sushi’s lunch ramens.  The waiter recommended “There’s Always Tomorrow,” the beef noodle option, and I decided to follow his lead.

However, I must digress, briefly, at this point.  When I asked if the waiter had to sing the song whenever someone ordered the dish, he looked puzzled and said:  “What song?”  My lunch companion, the Running Man, was similarly baffled.  Even after I gave them clues about Christmas TV shows, they still were unable to identify the song.  What, doesn’t anybody watch Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer anymore, and remember the haunting and deeply moving tune that Rudolph’s claymation reindeer girlfriend, Clarice, sang to make him feel better after he was excluded from the reindeer games?  Sheesh!

Although the waiter’s song knowledge was suspect, he was right on the money with the beef noodle bowl.  Packed with sliced steak, kimchi, spinach, bean sprouts, a hard-boiled egg, scallions, and nori, swimming in a rich broth bursting with flavor, and featuring grated wasabi to give it a nice little kick, There’s Always Tomorrow was fantastic and undoubtedly would have made Rudolph fly even farther.  It was so satisfying that I want to go back and try every one of the ramen options, because I suspect that they are almost as good.

One thing to keep in mind about the ramen options, however — they’re aren’t exactly necktie friendly.  The bowl is served with a huge, ladle-sized wooden spoon and chopsticks, and you really need to use both to eat the dish properly.  The chopsticks allow you to lift and consume the noodles, spinach, bean sprouts, and beef slices; the spoon lets you slurp up the extremely tasty broth and egg.  Even for the most dexterous diner, there’s still a splatter factor because the noodles can slip off the chopsticks and plop back into the pool of broth.  It was sheer, dumb luck that kept me from coating my tie today, so next time I visit I’m going to wear something more suitable for the cuisine.  Yes, I’m willing to change my workday wardrobe because the food at Rishi Sushi is just that good.

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