The RH Catalogs Hit Our Doorstep

Today the Restoration Hardware catalogs hit our doorstep.  Literally.  And the sheer weight of the delivery threatened to reduce our brick entranceway to a pulverized powder.

IMG_6183Has anybody else received this plastic-wrapped beast?  It’s a collection of multiple catalogs, three inches thick, bearing titles like “Interiors,” “Small Spaces,” “Upholstery,” “Bath,” “Lighting,” and “Leather.”  (Leather?  Hmmm.  Does Restoration Hardware have some kind of special audience that extends beyond the home decoration area?)

In total, this collection has got to weigh about as much as an adult bowling ball.  I tried to weigh it on our bathroom scale, but I threw my back out trying to lug it up the stairs.

The RH package was delivered by UPS Ground.  Interestingly, the shipping label says “Attention UPS Driver:  Shipper Release UPS Carbon Neutral Shipment.”  A review of the UPS website indicates that UPS offers “carbon neutral shipments” for environmentally conscious companies.  According to the page linked above, “UPS purchases certified carbon (CO2) offsets to give you a way to balance out the emissions produced by the transportation of your shipments.”  Wouldn’t it be interesting to know how much Restoration Hardware paid to balance out the emissions produced by UPS trucks delivering this behemoth — not to mention how many trees were felled so that the latest “Leather” options could be made known to snug suburban households?

2 thoughts on “The RH Catalogs Hit Our Doorstep

  1. I was incensed! The package weighed TWELVE POUNDS. I took it to the UPS Store and asked that it be “returned to Sender.” They explained that, in this instance, it could not be returned because of the the manner in which the “Sender” had sent it. I would have to contact RH and request that they initiate a “pickup” at my home. Perhaps I should have taken that final step, but age and energy (depleted by my anger at the affront) caused me to recycle the “enticement.”

    I thought the recycling had freed me of my angst, but your post has brought it back. What can we do in retaliation? Send them a ton of sand “non-returnable?” Perhaps, 4 dozen lab rats, also “unreturnable?” I await your other possible retaliations.

    Your loving and fairly certainly odd Aunt. Try not to stir me up again?


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