Modern Art, Or Campus Sign Post

This object on the University of Chicago campus looks like a piece of modern art, with its different textures and markings. Alas, it’s just an incredibly well used sign post, embedded with hundreds of staples that cling to little scraps of paper left by countless signs announcing lectures or dance recitals or rock concerts, leaving an inadvertent design. When you walk past, you can’t help but wonder how old is the oldest shard of paper on the post.

Art is all around us.


The Penny Chronicles

My name is Penny.

The other day I was hungry.  So what else is new?

On the counter I noticed some green and white balls.  They looked like candy.  The Leader likes candy.  Sometimes she will get it, and sometimes she will leave it where Kasey and I can get it.  It’s why we love the Leader.

So I got my paws up on the counter and knocked them down.  Then I had a few quick bites before the Leader could stop me.  Kasey came running, and she ate a bunch of them, too.  But these things weren’t candy.  Instead, they made my mouth feel hotter than the hottest summer day.  I went to water bowl and slurped up as much cool water as I could to try to get the hot feeling out of my mouth.  Then Kasey came running in and drank a lot of water, too.

It turns out that the old boring guy likes these things.  Why would anyone like these things?  They aren’t sweet, and they aren’t meat.  The old boring guy is weird.