The Rs Head To Cleveland

The Republican National Committee has announced that Cleveland will host the 2016 Republican Convention.  Cleveland edged out Dallas for the convention-hosting nod.

IMG_5406I’m happy for Cleveland.  It is one of the great American cities, and it deserves a break.  The money that will flow to town will help fill the city’s coffers, but it’s more than that.  Clevelanders are proud people, and I know that they will do their best to put on a good show for the Republicans who will be coming to town to nominate a presidential candidate — and the media, and the other hangers-on, who will be present for the show.  There’s lots to see and do in Cleveland, and having the national media camped out for a week or so will help to educate people about that fact.

I also think picking Cleveland is a smart choice for Republicans.  It’s not because Ohio will likely be a “battleground state,” again, and the choice of Cleveland will help to tip the balance.  No one I know will make their decision on who to support based on where the political parties hold their conventions.  However, Cleveland will help to focus the media on the economy, and jobs — which is where the focus should be.  It’s a gritty city, and perhaps it will help the presidential candidates, whoever they are, focus on gritty reality.  It’s just up the road, too, from the Utica Shale part of Ohio, and perhaps we’ll see a story or two about how fossil fuels can help revitalize a region’s economy.

I’m happy for Cleveland and for my friends who live there.

1 thought on “The Rs Head To Cleveland

  1. This could be great news for the Democratic Party, if the trend goes as it has since the 1996 election. Every state where the GOP conventions have been held have gone with the Democratic candidate since 1996….


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