The Pretty Weed

IMG_2403The area where I park for work has developed a healthy outcropping of weeds.  No surprise there:  in Ohio in the summer, the weeds just grow like . . . well, weeds.  Most of the plants are of the broad-leafed, saw-toothed variety that sprout from every crack and crevice, sprawl everywhere, and look like they’d give you a rash if you touched them.  Amongst the ugliness, however, are some plants that grow like weeds but still possess a certain delicate beauty — Daucus carota, more commonly known as Queen Anne’s Lace.  They grow taller than the trashy plants and help to mask their unsightliness, making the summer weed season a little bit more bearable.

The Carne Frita From Teodora’s Kitchen

IMG_2406Yesterday Kish and I continued our Food Truck Summer with a visit to Dinin’ Hall, where we faced a very difficult choice between Herb n Food Truck and Teodora’s Kitchen.

Ultimately, the mouth-watering description of the Carne Frita from Teodora’s Kitchen tipped the balance:  Flank steak over lentils and basmati rice, served with fried plantains.  When we picked up our order the flank steak was still sizzling and piping hot, as well as tender and succulent.  With a heaping serving of rice and lentils, grilled onions and green peppers, some greens on top, five fried plantains that were only slightly smaller than the size of a manhole cover, and some chunky salsa, our containers runneth over with food.

Kish, who isn’t much of a meat eater, couldn’t finish all of her steak.  Fortunately, her dutiful husband was there, ready to ensure that she remained a member of the Clean Plate Club.  Sometimes husbands just have to take one for the team.  It was a beautiful, mild summer day, and the Dinin’ Hall venue, which opens out to the great outdoors, is a great place to sit and chat.  Thanks to the friendly proprietor, too, for wrangling two ice-cold bottles of water for us.

So far, Food Truck Summer has been a riot.