The Penny Chronicles

My name is Penny.

IMG_2418Sometimes the Leader can’t sleep at night.  When that happens, she goes to another room to read a book, and I go with her.  She will lie down on the couch, and I will snuggle in next to her.  She reads for a while, then falls asleep, so I will, too.  It’s my job to keep an eye on the Leader.

Sometimes the old boring guy can’t sleep at night, either.  When that happens, he will get up and go to another room, too.  I don’t know exactly where he goes, because I never go with him.  Never.  Sorry, old boring guy!  The Leader is my number one priority, and you don’t even make the top ten list.

Kasey always can sleep at night.  I know that because she snores.  I mean, she really, really snores!  But when the morning comes and it’s time for food, Kasey is up like a flash, runs down the stairs, and starts barking.  Who can blame her?  We are hungry!

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