One Million Excuses

That’s the title of the new blog by the Biking Brewer’s better half.  You can find it here.

She’s off to a good start, because the imaginative title of her new WordPress blog already blows ours out of the water.   I figure that anyone who somehow has managed to put up with the Biking Brewer’s antics for such an extraordinarily long time is bound to have some compelling observations about life, marriage, family matters, the world, and — presumably — patience.

Sure enough, her blog is well worth reading.  And, given her close proximity to the BB, I’m anticipating that there will be lots for her to talk about in the future, too.

Jackie, welcome to the blogging community!

1 thought on “One Million Excuses

  1. Thanks, Bob! You are clearly a very kind and perceptive individual. Check out my latest post for confirmation of my patience in putting up with the Biking Brewer and his offspring. I, truly, am a saint.


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