Book Reviewers Needed!

If you’re interested in reading and interested in writing, and you’d like to get a chance to exercise those two passions and see the fruits of your efforts in print, I’ve got an opportunity for you!

The Ohioana Library Association is looking for new book reviewers for the Ohioana Quarterly, our flagship publication.  Since 1958 the Quarterly has been publishing articles, interviews, books reviews, and other useful information about Ohio writers and poets.  The Quarterly is distributed to Ohioana members — which include a number of Ohio public libraries — and the book reviews are at the core of the Quarterly‘s appeal for readers who want to keep track of the work of favorite Ohio authors, and well as up-and-coming writers from the Buckeye State.

As any faithful reader of our blog knows, I think Ohioana a wonderful organization, and a chance to write reviews for the Quarterly is a great opportunity for book lovers.  If you’re interested, call Stephanie Michaels, Ohioana’s librarian, at 614-466-3831.

The Green, Green Grass Of Home

IMG_6279Normally, by July 20 we would be well into the brown-out season.  After the wet spring months, a Midwestern summer would bring broiling temperatures and lots of sunshine, and only the constant waterers might avoid the telltale browning of their lawns.

This year, though, there isn’t a sign of grassy distress anywhere you look.  We’ve had such cool, damp, New England-like weather — this morning, for example, we’ve got temperatures in the 60s and some fog — that everybody’s yard looks like Ireland.  Even the most inattentive lawn-minder (and I would definitely put myself in that category) can feel proud of their lush, bright green yards.

The Penny Chronicles

My name is Penny.

IMG_6268Every once in a while I see one of these things on the counter.  When that happens, I get very excited!  I jump up, put my paws on the counter, and knock it off and take it to where I can give it a good chew.

These are great things to chew!  They are brittle and small, and with my jaws and teeth I break them easily.  They snap and crackle and crunch, and it makes me realize I am a powerful dog.  That feels good!  I bite and chew and munch, and soon the basket is a splintered, slobbery mess.  I look at it, and I realize my work is done.

But then the real fun begins.  The old boring guy finds it, and boy does he get mad!  He says bad words and gets down on his hands and knees and picks up every little stick and piece of slobbery wood.  Ha, ha!  Time for the old boring guy to get some exercise!