At An American Idol Audition Site

Well, the questions about the “confessional” signs in my Brooklyn hotel lobby have been answered — apparently.

I noticed lots of techie types and Bluetooth-wearers and clipboard-carriers and beefy guys wearing “security” shirts in the lobby yesterday morning, and when I walked outside there was a barricade and people waiting in line behind it. I asked a security guy what was going on, and he grunted “American Idol tryouts.”

“Wow,” I thought, “is American Idol still on?” Apparently so.

Walking past all these excited wannabes in the morning, you couldn’t help but notice how they all tried to have a distinctive look — but nevertheless pretty much looked the same. In this crowd, skinny jeans on skinny legs, bulky shoes, and extreme pompadours and coiffures were the norm. My business suit would have stood out like a lighthouse on a foggy morning.

When I returned to the hotel last night a few stragglers remained. Maybe they had made the first cut and were making arrangements, or maybe they were just the last to sing their songs on a long day. The “confessional” no doubt had been well used.

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