The Humble Acorn

IMG_2967I’ve always liked acorns, ever since I was a kid.  When I saw this perfect little acorn on one of my walks around the Yantis Loop, one of hundredsof acorns that had fallen onto the walking path, it got me to thinking about acorns in poetic terms.  This bit of doggerel was the result.

The Humble Acorn

 With jaunty cap, in splendid green,

The humble acorn pleads to be seen.

And yet, the opposite is true,

‘Tis one of many, not one of few.

Come fall, they drop like rain from sky

And coat the ground as we pass by.

With its fellows, each acorn lies

Unnoticed by our hurried eyes.

The humble acorn accepts its fate

And knows not what may await.

But humble acorn!  This I know,

A mighty oak from acorn doth grow.