Game Of Thrones Coffee

Recently we got a new type of coffee at the office.  Now, when I get in in the morning and make a fresh pot of joe, I’m pouring “Joffrey’s” grounds into the brew basket.

IMG_3307It’s perfectly good coffee, but the name still bugs me.  When I pick up the coffee packet, I can’t help but think of the despicable Game of Thrones character.  Who wants to be reminded of a cowardly, sadistic, sniveling little wretch when you’re preparing that essential first cup of coffee in the morning?  Being at work is tough enough without having to deal with a mental image of that jerk — much less recalling that that appalling little twerp gets poisoned and is last seen clawing at his neck in terror.  I wonder if the Joffrey’s Coffee & Tea Company regrets producing a “doughnut blend” that is associated with such an awful — and now exceptionally well-known — Joffrey.

You actually could have some good Game of Thrones coffee names and related descriptions, however.  House of Stark would be a noble blend of northern beans that creates a perfect cup to quaff when winter is coming.  White Walker would be a savage blend of iced java served with a snowy whipped topping.  And Tyrion would be a bold blend of underappreciated beans from the gold coast, served only in a demitasse cup.

Anything would be better than “Joffrey.”

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