Newcomer Ass-Kicking

Hey, Maryland!  Welcome to the Big Ten!  We think you suck!

Look, I’ve got nothing against Maryland.  Their mascot is a turtle, for God’s sake.  Who could hate a turtle?  Or, a terrapin if you want to make it a high-class turtle.  It makes no difference — I still want to kick their shell-protected keister.

This is the Big Ten.  Sure, our national reputation blows . . . but we’ve still got some pride.  We can’t let some newbie to the Old Conference come in and beat a traditional conference power.  So, I’m glad the Buckeyes toasted the Terrapins, 52-24, and I wish they hadn’t taken their foot off the gas at the end of the game.  I say, score 60 on these guys, and let them know they’re in a real conference now.  Kick their butts until they beg for mercy!

As for OSU, I think they’re still a work in progress.  They’ve got speed and talent on O, but their D is a question mark.  Michigan State will be the big test, and I’m interested to see how these young guys respond.  Can the offensive line block the Michigan State D?  Will J.T. Barrett continue to impress?  Can the D finally avoid giving up a big play?

This is why college football is great.

Crack Of Winter

IMG_3429Yikes.  It was raw, wet and blustery this morning — so cold that I had to wear a coat over my Vassar hoodie, so cold that even the usually talkative jogging pairs were quiet and a bit shriveled in the wind, so cold that the sky looked bleak and angry and a little crack of blue  framed with morning sun stood out sharply before being swallowed by the roiling clouds.

Welcome to October!