The Penny Chronicles

My name is Penny.

IMG_3406It is not Whizzer, no matter what the old boring guy says.

Ever since I came back from the place where everyone wears white coats I have been thirsty.  My mouth feels very dry and salty.  So I drink, and drink, and drink some more.  My tongue is getting worn out with all of this lapping!

The Leader knows this.  So now, there are water bowls in almost every room.  There’s even one in the room upstairs with the hard floor.  I’m not sure why the Leader put a bowl in there.  After all, there is already a big bowl of water in there with a lid on it, although the old boring guy yells at me if he catches me drinking from it.

Speaking of the old boring guy, I’ve figured out a new way to make him mad.  I drink so much water, I need to go all the time.  The Leader takes me outside to do my business, but sometimes I just can’t hold it.  Really!  I just can’t!  Of course, I usually can’t hold it when the old boring guy is around.  I’ve had a few “accidents” right in front of him.  Ha ha!   Sorry, old boring guy!  When you’ve got to go, you’ve got to go!

Just thinking of that makes me thirsty again.

3 thoughts on “The Penny Chronicles

  1. Bob —

    Tough time with your pet. We’re going through sort of the same thing. We have two 18-yr-old Burmese cats whose days obviously are numbered. But their end of days aren’t something we discuss. Ever.

    Domestic pets are different than other animals. I thought about suggesting that you ask Steve McCoy for advice, but realize that Steve’s (and his family’s) lifelong involvement with horses is different.

    Your posts suggest the dog is still in trouble.

    I know you’ll make good choices.



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