The Penny Chronicles

My name is Penny.

IMG_3440Ugh.  Today the old boring guy was pushing around the Loud Thing.  What is the Loud Thing, and why does he push it around?  Who knows — but sometimes he does.  He moves from room to room, and keeps moving a long black string that looks like a snake while he does it.  And when he moves into a room with the Loud Thing, that’s when it’s time for me to go somewhere else.

Boy, is the Loud Thing loud!  It’s so loud that it scares Kasey, and I don’t particularly like having it around, either.  It makes a noise that not quite like a bark, or a growl, or a snarl.  It’s almost like all of those things combined, and a wind storm besides — but much, much louder.

And I keep wondering, what is it?  When the old boring guy is pushing it, it is loud.  But when the old boring guy is away, it is totally quiet.  And it smells like dust.

Fortunately, in our pack the Loud Thing only comes out once in a while.  Kasey and I are happy dogs when it goes away.

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