Free Of Debris

When you live in a place for 19 years, as Kish and I have done, you just tend to accumulate a lot of . . . stuff.  Random stuff.  Stuff in boxes.  Stuff that you inherited from someone.  Stuff you saved years ago, and now you don’t know why.

IMG_3510Part of the process of getting your house ready to sell is figuring out what to do with that stuff.  Everybody who sells their house knows that you need to sweep away the clutter, so that people can see the house itself.

And the surprising reality for us was that once we started the process, we really got into it.  It turned out to be therapeutic, in a curious way.  Giving away unwanted stuff to the Volunteers of America or the Furniture Bank of Columbus not only made us feel charitable and community-minded, it was also liberating.  It was like we were finally getting rid of a ponderous pile of material items that, unbeknownst to us, had been subconsciously weighing us down.  Now we’re down to a solid core of furniture, clothes, and other items that we really want, use, need, and like, and we’re ready to move forward, nimbly.

I don’t know how the effort to sell our home will go, but just the effort to make ourselves free of debris has been worth it.

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