Hanging At The Buck

When you have your house up for sale, you may have to exit the premises for a showing upon a moment’s notice.  And, because you never know whether you’ll get a call asking for a quick showing, you can’t really cook lavish meals at home.  And, because you never know whether they’ll need to reach you to set up another appointment, you can’t go to the movies or the workout facility where phones are verboten.

IMG_3520All of which explains why I became a regular at the neighborhood Rusty Bucket this past weekend.

Normally I’m not someone who hangs out in taverns, but the Buck has its advantages if you’re in the house sale scenario.  First, it’s within walking distance.  Second, it has a varied menu, which is a huge plus if you’re going to be there multiple times over a short period.  I had a cheeseburger, a bowl of Texas sirloin chili, and pork pot stickers in my three meals there over the weekend, and all of them were good.  Third, I met a local celebrity of sorts when I was there:  Candice Lee, a weekend anchor at a local TV station and the mother of an OSU football player.  We had a nice conversation about her story and the challenges faced by student athletes, which was a pleasant way to pass the time before it was time to head home after the latest showing ended.

Having your house for sale is somewhat odd.  You’re in, you’re out, and you need to be on call at all times.  It’s nice to have a friendly, clean, well-lighted place to spend your down time when potential buyers are visiting.  Thanks to the New Albany Rusty Bucket!

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