Bottled Water Tale

A large bottle of Icelandic Glacial water is prominently displayed atop the minibar complex in our hotel room. With a bottle designed to look like jagged chunks of ice, it sits next to the coffee maker and high-end iced tea options.

The story on the bottle explains why Icelandic Glacial should be your preferred hydration choice: “Over 5,000 years ago, long before the first humans reached remote Iceland, a massive volcanic eruption created a unique underground spring, complete with its own natural filtration system–pristine lava rock. Now known as the Olfus Spring, this is the origin of Icelandic Glacial Natural Spring Water–the source of an epic life.”

Wow . . . an epic life? No wonder the price for the bottle is a hefty $6!

I know we’re in the desert, but $6 for water seems even steeper than a craggy Icelandic glacier to me. I think I’ll settle for something less than epic, save the $6, and just walk ten feet around the corner and get the free stuff from the bathroom tap instead.

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