Bad Bodice-Rippers

Would you believe there’s a Bad Sex In Fiction award, given out by the Literary Review?

You will believe it after you read the passages from some of these finalists.  It’s embarrassing to even scan them, but they are pretty funny stuff.  One of them — in which a scene of deep passion is interrupted by the approach of a slobbering dog chewing on a penguin — made me laugh out loud.

I suppose it’s easy to make fun of bodice-ripper prose, with heaving bosoms and bare-chested men and moans and groans and lingering kisses and waves crashing into the shore.  After all, how many ways can you describe a physical act?  If you decide to actually try to attempt to capture the act itself, you’re inevitably going to sound trite . . . or hilarious.

Still . . . a slobbering dog and a penguin?

Abrupt Change

IMG_3573In the space of one delay-ridden travel day, we went from the sunny, arid, and warm climate of Phoenix to cold, wet, and snowy conditions in Columbus.

IMG_3665From shorts to overcoats.  From sunglasses and the coconut-infused odor of suntan lotion to wool hats and a sharp breeze.

The weather change mirrors the change in factual context, too.  The mini-holiday is over, and it’s time to get back to work.  And because it’s the first snow of the season, you can be certain that the commute today is going to be brutal. And if the snow and the crappy commute alone aren’t enough to provide the cold slap of reality, the weather app is reporting that the temperature is supposed to drop steadily throughout the day until it reaches a frosty 10 degrees.

Bundle up!