Every Day Is A Winding Road


The Sea U Guesthouse where we are staying on our brief visit to Barbados is a charming place with some of those quirky details that make a location memorable — like the cobblestone stairway to the eating area that reminds me of the Sheryl Crow song every time I use it.

Sea U also has roomy cottages with great open porches, friendly staff, hammocks galore, beautiful native pottery and fixtures everywhere you look, and reasonably priced food and drink options — an important factor not to be overlooked on the pricey east coast of Barbados. We would come back here, which is really the acid test for us.


Razor Rock

The Bathsheba Beach shoreline is dotted with fantastic rock formations that have been beveled and shaped by centuries of pounding surf. The rocks look whimsical from a distance, but the up-close reality is different: the rocks are volcanic in origin and remain razor sharp, even after enduring the ravages of wind, water, and salty air. You wouldn’t want to have an abrupt close encounter with them.