Thanks To Sam

Grenada is known as the Island of Spices — famous for its nutmeg and cinnamon and cloves, among others — but many Americans associate it with the American invasion in the early ’80s to rescue medical students.

When we landed here and took a bus tour, I was afraid there might still be some hard feelings from that military action during the Reagan Administration. Far from it! Our driver and signage showed great gratitude to Uncle Sam for toppling a government that itself was the product of a coup. The date of the American invasion is still celebrated here. It’s nice to think that we helped these people.

Ivan The Terrible

Hurricane Ivan did a number on Grenada. By some estimates it damaged 90 percent of the buildings on the island, and even now, years after the storm, you still see many buildings with no roof. This example is right in the middle of downtown St. George’s.

In the Midwest, hurricanes are a faraway phenomenon. Our visit to Grenada shows the devastation they can inflict.

Sunrise Over St. George’s

We are in St. George’s, Grenada today. When our boat glided into the inner harbor at sunrise today, after a brief shower, we were treated to a beautiful rainbow over the old town on one side and some moored boats lit up like candles by the blazing sun’s first rays on the other.

Grenada is a very interesting place. Pretty, too.